3 Technology Trends Companies Should Look for in 2020

In the recent past, we have seen how AI has changed the dynamics of business and the advanced technology is continuing to create opportunities for industries to actually democratize services like never before. From Aerospace to Medicine to Automobile and others — virtually every industry is incorporating AI into their systems to reap the benefits. 2020 also seems to be very promising when it comes to technological innovations and some of the top technology conferences 2020 are expected to take place this year. In this blog, we are going to talk about 3 key technology — other than AI — that we think are really going to underwrite what we believe to be the next wave of business transformation for enterprises-

Machines for Machines

People take time to decide whereas machines are capable of making decisions quickly. For this reason, we're seeing a shift from designing machines for people to machines for machines. This is changing how we are actually economically thinking about hyper local economies, smart cities, edge consumers, truly local transactions between peers, pure oriented collaboration tools, and more. The whole behind it is to deliver mass personalized services to consumers by developing an advanced and intelligent system between machines.


Though the cost is still a big challenge to overcome, the fifth generation (5G) mobile network is expected to not only seamlessly interconnect people but also control objects and devices. Experts believe it is is going to provide an incredible experience to the end-users with an infinite bandwidth of connectivity to the network and instantaneous access to a variety of services. Consumers will have the trust in the network and the data sent or received by, for example, a car, a phone or a laptop is all going into one network under one identity.

Data Ecosystems

The value of data ecosystems is absolutely exploding and enterprises don't want to be left out. There has been a set of technical advances that actually allow most enterprises to be able to move in the same direction, from self-solving identities to blockchain base consent where consent can be shared with multiple trading partners with strong integrity. Companies have already started talking to their trading partners about how to organize their data to derive massive value from data ecosystems.

Information Technology conferences are turning out to be great platforms for business leaders as they give them the opportunity to learn from each other and the experts, discover new ideas, and stay up-to-date with the latest technological innovations. Enterprises are now beginning to form multidisciplinary teams that are highly empowered to make decisions that affect a broad base of the business and improve productivity of multiple business units simultaneously.