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  • How technological innovations can help employers overcome the workplace challenges of the future ?

    | April 6, 2020

    Using Tech To Overcome Workplace Challenges Of The Future

    While forward thinkers are envisioning a ‘post-professional’ world that goes beyond cubicles and perhaps, even humans, it is concerning to see that young learners are still being trained for traditional job roles. In fact, experts believe that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is leading to the slow death of the ‘job’ while ushering in the new era of ‘work’ instead.

    Developments in the fields of automation, robotics, and AI are happening as we speak and these are reshaping workplaces around the world... Read More

  • How Will AI And Machine Learning Affect The Future Of Businesses?

    Intercon | March 26, 2020

    With the idea of lights-out manufacturing (or dark factories) slowly catching on, how will the developments in the fields of robotics, AI, and machine learning affect the job market? This is something that is yet to be seen, but there is no doubt that machines are slowly taking over jobs that were previously performed by humans.

    Machines show incredible results whenever it comes to outperforming humans in physically-strenuous tasks. But that’s not all; they are getting more and more intelligent by the day. Their ability to analyze data and make split-second decisions for humans is... Read More

  • Here’s What Waiting For You at InterCon!

    Intercon | March 12, 2020

    Technology conferences are like the “Holy Grail” for those who like to stay informed about what’s hot in the IT sector. They offer the right mix of people and an electrifying atmosphere that’s perfect for some learning to take place!

    One of the most well-known tech conferences of 2020, InterCon returns with its 3rd edition to Las Vegas and a lot is in store for those who have signed up for the three-day event. Let’s have a look at some of the conference’s offerings, shall we?


    Enlightening Sessions

    ... Read More

  • 3 Technology Trends Companies Should Look for in 2020

    | March 12, 2020

    In the recent past, we have seen how AI has changed the dynamics of business and the advanced technology is continuing to create opportunities for industries to actually democratize services like never before. From Aerospace to Medicine to Automobile and others — virtually every industry is incorporating AI into their systems to reap the benefits. 2020 also seems to be very promising when it comes to technological innovations and some of the top technology conferences 2020 are expected to take place this year. In this blog, we are going to talk... Read More

  • 3 Reasons Why Technology Conferences Are Worth Your Time (And Money!)

    Intercon | February 3, 2020

    With information being available at one’s fingertips, people often wonder why they should put themselves out there, fly down to a different city, and attend international technology conferences. But registering for such technology events can be extremely beneficial for individuals as well as for organizations. In fact, they have huge ROIs, provided that the attendees know how to monetize their presence at such events. If you still have mixed feelings about attending technology events in 2020, then don’t worry! We have listed 5 reasons why individuals and companies should be attending tech... Read More

  • The First Timer’s Rulebook: How Do I Network at Technology Conferences? 

    Intercon | February 3, 2020

    Networking at international technology events and conferences is integral to every individual’s and organization’s success. While helping businesses to get more leads, these events are also extremely beneficial for individuals who want to expand their horizons and learn from experts from the tech world. So if you have signed up for one this year, then good for you! However, many first-timers at conferences aren’t able to get the most out of tech conferences because they hesitate to put themselves out there and build connections. This can be a real bummer because such conferences host the... Read More