The First Timer’s Rulebook: How Do I Network at Technology Conferences? 

Networking at international technology events and conferences is integral to every individual’s and organization’s success. While helping businesses to get more leads, these events are also extremely beneficial for individuals who want to expand their horizons and learn from experts from the tech world. So if you have signed up for one this year, then good for you! However, many first-timers at conferences aren’t able to get the most out of tech conferences because they hesitate to put themselves out there and build connections. This can be a real bummer because such conferences host the world’s foremost IT experts and tech wizards who can offer valuable insights on what’s new in the industry. For such beginners, we have listed some ways through which you can ace networking at international technology conferences:

1) Connect with colleagues

A formal conversation or a trial run with your colleagues can help you to build confidence in the run-up to technology events in 2020 such as InterCon. While taking the pressure off, it will also give you an idea about what is it that you want to talk about with the delegates at the conference

2) Use networking sessions

Find it difficult to approach strangers on a whim? Then make the full use of the networking sessions at technology conferences. As most of the attendees will be in the headspace to connect with like-minded peers, you do not have to worry about being abrupt or catching them in the middle of something. They are there because they want to build professional connections as well! If you find walking up to people intimidating, then you can try working on an opening line or statement. Begin by talking about the previous session or simply start by introducing yourself and what is it that you do.

3) Use social media to your advantage

Look up the conference hashtag and check the list of attendees on social media platforms. Introduce yourself to conference-goers on platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter well before the conference. This will do away with the entire first-meeting-nerves scenario at technology conferences as you will have already built an initial connection with the people you are interested in.

4) Take your team with you

Scared that you will say something stupid or get all tongue-tied? A fail-safe measure against this would be to take someone with you who can cover up and save the day if you are stuck. Reputed tech events such as InterCon Las Vegas, 2020 offer group passes to its attendees so make sure that you avail this benefit!

5) Have a beverage

Silences can make many people awkward and say something weird out of the blue. To fill up those moments, sip coffee or have some refreshments close by. You can also pause for a moment to sip some of it while thinking about what to say when you are talking to someone at technology conferences. But of course, don’t overdo caffeine as it can make you very, very jittery!

6) Listen!

If having to talk makes you feel that you have been put on the spot, then turn the spotlight on the other person instead. Ask them questions about their work and listen. This little exercise can be extremely advantageous as people love attention! Yes, it can be nerve-racking to initiate discussions, but you need to start somewhere! At the same time, do not undervalue yourself just because you are an amateur when it comes to networking. These skills can be learned and inculcated over time. They can be polished, with sufficient practice. But your ideas? They are invaluable and timeless! Don’t let your fear of speaking at conferences deter you from putting your thoughts out there and learning from leaders in your industry.